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Yuyao Kunchen Hardware Factory
Our company is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and processing of hardware industry. The main products: 1, all kinds of automatic lathe, CNC lathe; 2, aluminum products series: all kinds of aluminum, aluminum, aluminum lamp set all kinds of USB sets, the angel of music, the color line aluminum tube aluminum sleeve; a belt pulley 3, copper aluminum products series: all kinds of brass, copper sets, all kinds of all kinds of copper pillar, supervision control of copper pillar, all kinds of non-standard nuts, nuts, nuts, mobile phone control of copper copper ware car parts; all kinds of non-standard copper pins, non-standard copper insert 4 series: pressure riveting, riveting bolts, pressure riveting nut, stud pressure riveting, riveting screws, pressure riveting screws, bolts, set-top boxes, chassis cabinet stud pressure riveting, heating plate column 5, stainless steel series: stainless steel heating plate column, non-standard stainless steel stud. 6, other series: captive and light bar, cuttlefish, motor shaft, motor eccentric wheel etc.......

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Yuyao Kunchen Hardware Factory
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